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The use of the trademark "Luv Yu" brand started about twenty-five years ago. We incorporated the rose into our logo to symbolize freshness, purity, and love. Our products have been over the years proven to be truly "baked with love". Please join us in a mutually profitable relationship supplying our freshly baked products to your market.

Luv Yu products not only taste great but are good for you, too! With the concern for every family's health in mind, we use the purest natural honey, Hawaiian pure cane sugar, and Nebraska soft wheat flour. All ingredients used in our products are of the highest quality and are from the freshest sources. From the sunny orchards of California and the beautiful islands of Hawaii come the select premium nuts and fruits used in the production of Luv Yu premium cookies and baked goods.

We ensure that only the best of each year's crops are used by having our quality control department inspect every lot considered for purchase. Inspection continues through each processing phase until the finished
goods are approved for distribution. In both cookies and snacks we use vegetable oil instead of animal fat. This means a longer product shelf life without using artificial preservatives in most formulas. Every formulation is low in sodium and low in cholesterol.

Management Philosophy

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality products and services. We will accomplish this goal through the implementation of high values. These include:
We stand behind our work and our word.
We are true to our customers, suppliers, and ourselves.
We hold the highest level of respect for our customers and their concerns.
We put a high value on teamwork. Unity and efficiency and dependent on a coordinated effort by everyone.

An Appreciative Word:
Over the years, with the generous support and help of family and friends, Luv Yu Bakery, Inc. has grown into an energetic and promising company today. To fulfill our dream of a successful bakery, we need your support to build a close business relationship with you and your company.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Abel Yu & Staff

Company Profile

International Cookie Collection: Honey Almond, Honey Fortune, Walnut Pecan, Hawaiian Macadamia Nut, and Arare Crunch Cookies.
Japanese Style Crackers and Snacks: Rice cracker, nuts, and dried fruits.
Kettle Style Chips: Potato chips, corn ships, taro chips, sweet potato chips.
Private Label: Cookies, snacks, fruit bar, and specialty items.

Great Crescent is a marketing and manufacturing organization primarily in the health conscious foods market, with over twenty-five years of experience.

The 20,000 sq. ft. facility is sited on several acres of land in Louisville, KY and is equipped with a state of the art continuous belt oven, snack manufacturing line and packaging machinery.
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